Have you ever wondered “How do they do that?”

Free classes given at Nutmeg TV are your first step in becoming a producer or a member of Nutmeg TV’s group of volunteers. We offer four hands-on classes that cover the basics of all aspects of television production. Classes are held in the evenings twice a week, 2 hours a night. Elective classes are also available for the training of more advanced topics.

General tips, production techniques, refresher classes, workshops, special training for educators and students are all available to you!

The great news is that there is a place here for everyone, and no experience is necessary!  To enroll in our FREE training classes, come to our Orientation which includes a tour of the facility for you and your friends and family!

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Field Production

Field production is all about taking cameras and other equipment off-site to produce a show.  We’ll cover everything from the planning stages to how to set up equipment and begin recording.  We’ll teach you how to make sense of the video camera’s manual settings to capture good quality audio and video.  You’ll also learn about concepts such as establishing shots, b-roll, head room, and how to artistically compose your shots.  Techniques you’ll learn in this class will also help in still photography, graphic design, and many other artistic endeavors.

Editing and Post Production

Video editing is an exciting world where your production comes together.  Learn how to take a collection of video clips and shape them into an interesting story for the home viewer.  One of the best things about video editing is the freedom to create virtually any type of show.

This class will cover everything from how to trim away un-needed video, how to enhance the look of your video, working with audio, and much more.  We’ll show you all the tools at your disposal to develop a visual style that you can use in all of your productions.

Studio Basics 1 & 2

In the Studio Basics classes, we’ll show you how the concepts in the field production class carry over into a studio environment.  We’ll start from learning what is expected from the different crew positions such as floor director, audio technician, camera person and more.  The Studio 1 class takes place in the studio where we’ll show you how to use the cameras, how to set up microphones, set design, and lighting.  The Studio 2 class is in the control room.  Here we’ll explain how to use the audio mixing board to record good audio, the “switcher” for selecting camera angles, and the graphics computer for displaying text and pictures during your show.


Producers Class

Those who wish to become a producer must take the Producers Class at the conclusion of the Studio Advanced Class. Everything from studio rules and policies to crew and set requirements are covered. Producers also discuss ideas for programs that they wish to create or work on in the future. After this class each member will then be certified as a producer and can begin creating their show!

Studio B Class (Elective)

In our new HD studio, you will learn how to use the cameras, green screen and lights with our Tricaster system to create all types of programs. Studio B utilizes a program called ‘Virtual Sets’ which creates a full studio space using some simple green screen techniques.  You will also be shown how to add photos and videos to your show. The smaller sized studio is also ideal for smaller sets and crews.

Lighting Class (Elective)

The brand new, state of the art LED lighting grid in Studio A has many different features to it.  This class covers everything a producer would use for their show.  You will learn everything from simple set lighting options, to multiple colors and lighting cues.