Studio Rental

40’x 35’ multi-camera, professional production studio available for full or half-day rentals:

  • Studio only
  • LED overhead lighting grid (white and colored light)
  • Fully equipped with crew

HD Studio Rental

19’ x 16’ multi-camera, digital studio with green screen for full or half-day rentals:

  • Studio with floor to ceiling green screen or a black curtain.
  • LED overhead lighting grid (white light only)
  • Fully equipped with crew

HD Field Packages

  • Including lighting kits, cameras, tripods, mics, and more!
  • Full 1080i HD field cameras with SD card recording.
  • Fully equipped with crew

Conference Room

Our conference room is set up to meet your business needs.

  • Up to 16 seats
  • Flat screen TV with HDMI laptop connectivity for your Power Point presentations.
  • Full Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and GoToMeeting video conferencing.
  • Teleconferencing available

Video Duplication and Conversion

Do you have special memories captured on a VHS tape without a way to watch them anymore?  Would you like to preserve these memories in digital format?  Maybe it’s a wedding video, your child’s graduation, or just opening presents around the Christmas tree.  Nutmeg TV can take any VHS, Mini-DV, or DVC Pro tape and record it onto a DVD with a personalized label.  We also copy DVDs to DVDs for your friends and family. We can even convert your video to a digital file so that you can easily put it on Youtube.

Community Bulletin

Is your 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization/Club holding an event?  You can advertise your event on non-profit Nutmeg TV for $5.00 if your non-profit organization/club is located in one of the eight towns we serve which are Avon, Berlin, Bristol, Burlington, Canton, Farmington, New Britain, and Plainville.

If you are a non-profit organization/club outside of the eight town areas and are holding an event the fee is $15.00.

What’s next?
Give us the event information in 25 words or less. (You can use the space provided below) List the event date/time/place and non-profit 501c (3) holding the event.

Please Note: Promotions of raffles or games of chance are NOT permitted.

The information on your event will air for two (2) weeks prior to the event date. All information and payment should be submitted to Nutmeg TV AT LEAST three (3) weeks before the event. If this information is received by Nutmeg TV less than the three (3) weeks before the event, it would be at Nutmeg TV’s discretion as to whether or not it can be completed to air.

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